Energy education for sustainable urban localities

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

December 4, 2023

ENERTOWN is making significant strides in the development of the “ENERTOWN Guide,” a cornerstone initiative of Activity 5: Content Creation, Adaptation, and Scaling. This activity, developed throughout the final months of the project, is dedicated to creating materials that will serve both current and future community-focused initiatives. The ENERTOWN Guide will be launched through one of the final events of the project, a webinar with different stakeholders representing the four municipalities included in the project and other interested parties.

Throughout the project’s timeline, this activity involves crafting of content that can be used in various training sessions aimed at community leaders, stakeholders, and other key participants. The guide is being developed to incorporate practical insights and feedback from Activities 2, 3, and 4, ensuring that the training content is not only relevant but also effective in addressing specific community needs.

The ENERTOWN Guide aims to make use of:

  • Materials which are designed to support the initial training sessions, providing participants with the knowledge and tools needed to drive community development and tackle challenges like energy poverty.

  • After refining these materials based on extensive feedback from course participants and stakeholders, the final products will be tailored to foster further dissemination within the community. This will enable course participants to effectively share their knowledge and experiences, extending the impact of the project.

The content creation spans four modules, each detailed through a variety of educational resources including syllabi, memos, notes, presentations, video content, and a comprehensive bibliography. These materials are crafted to ensure that participants are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead and implement sustainable projects in their communities.

As the project progresses, these training materials will be finalized and disseminated. They are intended to become resources for stakeholders, the broader local community, and representatives of public administration, contributing to the scalability and sustainability of the project’s impact.

This approach not only supports the direct application of learned concepts within the communities involved but also ensures that the ENERTOWN Guide can be adapted for use in other contexts, promoting a broader application of successful strategies developed under the ENERTOWN umbrella. This strategic initiative highlights the team’s commitment to building capacity and empowering communities to achieve sustainable development and energy efficiency on a larger scale.

The project “Energy Education for Sustainable Urban Areas – ENERTOWN” is funded by Innovation Norway through the Norwegian Grants 2014 – 2021 ( – Working together for a green, competitive, and inclusive Europe), under the “Energy Programme in Romania” with funding of 195,774 EURO and a grant value of 174,696 EURO.