Energy education for sustainable urban localities

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

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November 20, 2023

In a community outreach initiative, the ENERTOWN project conducted a series of townhall meetings in November 2023 across the four municipalities involved in the project. These events marked an important moment in the project’s efforts to disseminate findings and engage directly with local communities, aligning with their broader mission of fostering sustainable urban development and addressing energy poverty.

The townhall meetings, held in collaboration with local town halls, were initially planned as a direct engagement with citizens within the scope of the project. However, they proved to be an invaluable opportunity for the team to connect with the community members and gather diverse perspectives. The events were organized with significant contributions from the community, ensuring that the discussions were relevant and impactful.

Participants in these townhalls included a wide range of stakeholders from each municipality, from town hall employees and elected officials to teachers, students, parents, business owners, or representatives of homeowners’ associations. This diverse participation ensured a holistic representation of community interests and concerns, facilitating a richer dialogue on the topics at hand.

Each townhall served as a platform to share the project’s findings and explore practical solutions tailored to the unique needs of each municipality. These discussions were instrumental in raising awareness about energy efficiency, sustainable practices, and the benefits of community-level involvement in urban planning and development initiatives.

The active involvement of community members in organizing these events, along with their participation, underscored a strong interest in sustainable development and energy issues. It also highlighted the community’s capacity to mobilize and collaborate effectively with various levels of governance and participation.

These townhall meetings are part of a series of dissemination efforts aimed at maximizing the impact of the ENERTOWN project, ensuring that the benefits of research and collaboration extend beyond academic and professional realms into the heart of community life. These meetings have opened new avenues for continued dialogue and set a precedent for future community engagement in the municipalities involved.

The project “Energy Education for Sustainable Urban Areas – ENERTOWN” is funded by Innovation Norway through the Norwegian Grants 2014 – 2021 ( – Working together for a green, competitive, and inclusive Europe), under the “Energy Programme in Romania” with funding of 195,774 EURO and a grant value of 174,696 EURO.