Energy education for sustainable urban localities

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

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October 27, 2023

This October, the ENERTOWN team held an insightful four-day meeting and workshop in Stavanger, Norway, bringing together a diverse group of professionals and academics to address some of the most pressing challenges in energy poverty and sustainable urban development. Participants from all four municipalities involved in the project took part in the workshop, including Mayors and Vice-mayors, as well as student representatives and leaders of local educational institutions.

The event kicked off with a dedicated session for the Romanian delegation, featuring pivotal discussions on strategic development and collaborative approaches within the consortium.

The second day was rich with activities, starting with an intensive ‘Train the Trainers’ session. The next session was focused on “Learning to Tackle Energy Poverty”, addressing a comparative approach between the Romanian and the Norwegian contexts, which offered innovative insights into combating energy inefficiencies and fostering sustainable growth at the local level. The third day began with a stimulating panel discussion featuring key representatives of our host, the University of Stavanger, providing an academic lens on the project’s efforts.


This was followed by a presentation of ENERTOWN’s findings from local small municipalities by the research assistants at UiS. The day also included a study visit, showcasing Stavanger’s urban infrastructure in transition, reflecting a practical aspect of learning.

The final day was structured to cater to both academic and practical interests. Academics participated in a manuscript review and discussed project deliverables, while practitioners explored local culture and history.

The ENERTOWN workshop not only fostered a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions in energy poverty and sustainable development but also strengthened the collaborative bonds between participants. This event highlighted the importance of collective efforts and shared knowledge in paving the way toward more sustainable and energy-efficient communities.

The outcomes and discussions from this meeting are sure to influence future projects and research, underscoring the critical role of such projects in addressing global challenges.

The project “Energy Education for Sustainable Urban Areas – ENERTOWN” is funded by Innovation Norway through the Norwegian Grants 2014 – 2021 ( – Working together for a green, competitive, and inclusive Europe), under the “Energy Programme in Romania,” with funding of 195,774 EURO and a grant value of 174,696 EURO.