Energy education for sustainable urban localities

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

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Taking another step towards energy empowerment, the ENERTOWN team, composed of experts from the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD), alongside ECERA and Servelect, has conducted a series of training sessions throughout the month of September, driving the project’s objectives in Cluj County towns, namely in Turda, Câmpia Turzii, and Huedin.

The ENERTOWN initiative aims to empower citizens with knowledge about energy markets in the face of economic, climate, and security challenges. The overarching objective of the ENERTOWN project is to bolster awareness and competency levels among public authorities, private entities operating in the energy sector, and civil society organizations in these towns. By leveraging the partners’ expertise, the project has delivered tailored training sessions that empower community leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to address renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable energy security concerns.

The ENERTOWN team is also exploring the possibility of conducting further training and follow-up sessions online, responding to potential requests from interested town representatives. This initiative aims to continue shaping the local community’s energy awareness and competencies, ensuring a sustained impact in the long run. As the ENERTOWN team carries out training sessions in other towns, such as Gherla, the collaborative efforts of the project team highlight our commitment to fostering a brighter and more sustainable future in Romania’s small urban localities.

The project “Energy Education for Sustainable Urban Areas – ENERTOWN” is funded by Innovation Norway through the Norwegian Grants 2014 – 2021 (, Working together for a green, competitive, and inclusive Europe), under the “Energy Programme in Romania,” with funding of 195,774 EURO and a grant value of 174,696 EURO.